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Foshan SEALOCK Shanghai PTC Exhibition in 2015 concluded satisfactorily

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2019/08/05 09:30
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Our company participated in the 19th Shanghai International Power Transmission and Control Technology Exhibition (PTC) on October 27-30, 2015, and achieved great success.
For our exhibition, material supplier Austria Head Office attaches great importance to the company's president to visit our booth and guide the work. We fully affirmed the work deployment and the effect of the exhibition.
Our company showed various working conditions of sealing rings, including ultra-high pressure seal, high temperature seal, low temperature seal, ultra-large size 4000mm seal and so on, which attracted a large number of visitors to consult.
During the exhibition period, our company and Yanshan University jointly developed the patent product 400 MPa ultra-high pressure seal, which attracted a large number of domestic and foreign technicians to consult. Many customers came directly and went with their hearts. At present, our company's ultra-high pressure seal pressure level is 150 Mpa/250 Mpa/300 Mpa/400 Mpa. The persistent pursuit of breaking through and surpassing ourselves constantly leads us to a higher platform and to the front of the industry. Ultra-high pressure 600Mpa seal ring is in the test stage, I believe it will soon be market-oriented, to help more customers solve problems.